Thursday, January 26, 2012

The very pink of perfection

 Today's bright combination was inspired by Bee from Atlantic Pacific:

I wish my sweater was a bit chunkier but the color was right at least... I have been wanting to use this teal scarf for a while. It has a bit of sparkle thread in it which makes it look great. And of course I love these shoes of mine. They were purchased probably 10 years ago from NYC's Century 21 store. I just fell in love with their color and extreme pointy toe slingback style. And the kitten heel is low enough that I was able to keep them on for my outing with the kids today!

Fuchsia Sweater, Teal Scarf - Forever 21
White eyelet blouse - Lucky
Skinny Jeans - H&M
Heels - Ballin
Arm Candy - Target, Marshall's...

I was running low on fuel today since I went to bed at 2 AM last night! It is very hard starting a new business without having anything taken off your plate. The only time I have is after the kids go to bed and it is just not enough time so I stay up later and later to get things done... Very exciting though.
This morning we went o bed bath and beyond to pick up mirrors and hangers for my business and then took the kids to Seau's to eat lunch afterwards. We had fun eating together.
My mom came over so we can think of outfits with the new clothing line and helped me assemble my rack and organize some of the clothes I already have.
Kids were running high on energy while I was running on fumes in the afternoon so that wasn't easy but we made it through...

Oh, check some of the new photos that are getting posted at the  
for the new Spring/summer collection...
This dress is called: 'Belle' it looks flattering almost on every body type. My favorite is Azure which is this Mediterranean blue.
You can read more about it if you click HERE!


  1. I just discovered your blog! and I must say that I really like! I love your style, compliment is very special and inspirational! if you golook at my blog there is also a Dior giveaway:

  2. Lovely outfit with lovely colors. So fresh looking and giving the sign of early spring, San Diego style!.Babe do not worry, you were always the one that could finish anything on your plate. If you need help, here I am as always. You are going to be a great asset to everyone with this new clothing line and soon will also help some other moms find a way to make a good income without sacrificing time from their children. You are my super women for sure! Good luck sweetheart.

  3. Cute outfit! I love the pops of colors!!!


  4. yeşil ve fuşya bir arada harika olmuş! çok beğendim bu outfiti..
    öpüyorum canım..:)

  5. Pink and turquoise is such a gorgeous color combo!

  6. Love this whole outfit! So bright and pretty!

    That dress is so cute!

  7. I so love this color combo. This one is going in my inspiration file :)
    No More Sweatpants


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