Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Hero

 Today's outfit was inspired by my lovely Turkish Blogger friend Ahsen's 
I picked it cause it was another combination to create with the semi new striped knit skirt...
However, I am not crazy with how mine turned out... I was just too tired today to feel it. The tights are a bit much I think...

Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Skirt, tights - Forever 21
Hat - Asos
Purse - Marshall's
Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

Participating today in 
What I Wore Wednesday 
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Since it is already past midnight and I worked all night on my new business and still have so much to do I won't go into my breakdown today after getting stuck in traffic than lost than late picking up my kids from pre-school as I was touring my son's new kindergarten. We'll just let that go...

On a fun note in the afternoon my son had a great time in the indoor play area attending a 'super hero training' class...


  1. Wow, fabulous outfit! love the tights, bag and shirt!

    xx Ivana

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    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  2. love the outfit and im so envious of those boots, every time i see them i swoon.
    Good luck with the new business... cant wait to hear more about it
    Rachel x

  3. I love your hat, bag, and shades. ;)

    That super hero class looks fun. I'm sure your son had a blast. :)

  4. Cute purse. And cute little boy! Nice blog :) Following.


  5. I think you did great. I love everything about it. Especially your shoes. I think the tights really pulled the colors together.

  6. Great skirt & cute look. The boots are killer.

    And your super hero is precious! :)

  7. great skirt. i originally wanted one that color, but found a similar one in black/purple. so funny because i actually pulled mine out today and even considered wearing it with my denim shirt, haha! we were on the same wavelength!


  8. great tights! those are so fabulous. and the wedge booties are so fun. i wanted to get a pair with fur too but never found the right pair! these are great. also love your little bag. also something i wanted but didn't get this season!

  9. You look cute and those booties are amazing!

  10. Cute and expectantly chick outfit and loved the profile picture with your hat! booties are looking great with your hose also. Again even I think long and hard would not be able to come up with this combo:)
    Love my super hero in training the most!!!!! He is so handsome and such a big smile always.Gozumun ilk agrisi ne de olsa beni anneanne yapan bebegim.

  11. ne kadar güzel bir jest olmuş bu tatlım, çok mutlu oldum! :D
    harika uygulamışsın, botlarına ve şapkana da bayıldım..

    seni ve super hero'nu çok öpüyorum, iyi hafta sonları.. <3

  12. maşallah çok tatlı...
    jean gömlek her outfite nede güzel yakışıyor renk katıyor...


  13. Really nice look! Your son is too cute for words!


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