Friday, March 9, 2012

Bright and Early shopping Marni

Today's outfit which was put on at 6 AM to line up for the H&M Marni event was inspired by this photo on wearing oversized denim shirts.

Mine is not really oversized but at least it is tunic length to be wearable over these liquid leggings.

Denim Shirt - From Turkey
Striped T-neck - Charlotte Russe
Liquid Leggings - I.N.C. by Macy's
Necklace - Send the Trend
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - 6951

Well as planned my friend and I met around 6:30 AM in front of the store and got in line. We also found out that the mall parking lots are locked during that time and could not park at the lot that is closest to the store which prevented me from bringing in the folding chairs and blanket but it wasn't bad.
The line was not as long as we had thought.

 The wristbands were handed out around 7 AM but we still had to wait in line. At least we were safe to go run and get coffee while the other waited and held our spot. What sucked was the mall bathrooms were not open!
Way too many security guards for the event. Not sure what they were expecting. Some were having fun with the situation and some were taking their jobs waaaay too seriously.

We were in the 2nd group to go in with a time slot of 8:25 AM to 8:40 AM. They let us in the store once the first group was let in the restricted shopping area. There were again waaaay too many security guards but also much needed number of employees. Also a DJ!

We brought all our purchases to the mall food court sitting area. Yes we are outdoors. This is southern CA and 90% of the malls here are outdoor malls. 

Here are our coveted accessory purchases:

And the clothing Items (trying them on in the mall bathroom!):
 Kept this dress but still thinking about it. Need to put it on at home and see it again. I have 10 days to return...

This one i returned even though I liked it a lot. I just won't wear it that much and needs ironing...

Kept the tee but returned the pants. they were too restrictive.
 Felt like they were too big but if I got the size smaller I totally would not be able to bend my legs. the fabric was really thick and too structured.

I really wanted the pants of this top but they were out of my size. The top I wasn't crazy about. Again too restrictive.

If you missed out on the sale check out my friend's ebay links HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE as she is selling some of the accessories shown in this post...

You might also wonder how I was able to swing this with the kids. It was a team effort. My husband got them fed and ready in the morning and dropped them off at my mom's house before going to work. My mom who wasn't working today brought them to the mall late morning and we all saw the movie Lorax together then had lunch before coming home and hosting a playdate at our house in the afternoon!


  1. Oh I love your necklaces; and the top with the flowers. So fun to show up for an opening--we don't have h&m in my town, but I love to shop it when I travel!

  2. sweet! thanks for the photos as i've never seen inside of an h&m, haha! deprived! love the bright necklaces!


  3. wow ! you found so much beauties ! the jewelries are awesome !!!

  4. You all got some great stuff! I'm so digging the jewelry and the prints are so beautiful! This was one collection that I wished I had an H&M nearby so I could have gone.


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