Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mustard and Cream

I loved the combination that came together this morning. Definitely making up for the de-motivation to take my outfit photos yesterday...

The inspiration was JCrew catalog. Between then and Anthropologie I get sooo many inspirations....
 This mustard and cream combination immediately caught my eye. I owned this short sleeve mustard sweater for years now. I remember wearing it to my trip to Turkey when my son was 7 mos old (he is almost 5 now).  So happy to be wearing it again... I feel sad for these looked over items in my closet sometimes. :)
 The inspiration felt a little bare though so I added the beret, the necklace and the gloves!

This poor overlooked purse was also purchased during a trip to Turkey I think even older than the previously mentioned trip.
 I totally own black patent leather heels like the ones in the inspiration photo and would have taken some photos with them on if I wasn't so lazy and running totally late this morning... So this is the realistic version which I wore majority of the day.... My old self would have gone with brown or cognac boots that would have blended. But I do like how stark these black boots look.

Mustard sweater, white jeans, necklace, beret - Forever 21
Thermal top - Victoria's Secret
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - Dior
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

TODAY: My son had a nightmare last night so I ended up sleeping with him which was great actually but forgot how early he wakes up so was not happy when he woke me up at 6 AM with 'I am hungary mommy' Got him to go back to sleep for a while but then gave up and went back to my bed and sent him to Daddy who takes care of the kids every morning until I wake up which is such a blessing. That is the only way I can handle going to bed so late every night. Anyway, woke up totally late though and had just enough time to get ready and leave and got breakfast at a drive thru Starbucks before pre school. 
After naps I met my friend and her son at the gym. We checked in the kids at the gym daycare and did a zumba class together. This instructor was great. She barely spoke and transition from song to song in a fast and smooth manner and the songs were great. My friend kept saying it felt like we were on vacation dancing at a resort night club. My abs sure got an amazing workout and I love dancing. 
We then had dinner together at the foodcourt before coming home.

TOMORROW attempting my first designer event at H&M with my bf. I am in love with the Marni necklaces so hoping we score some. Going to meet up at 6:30 AM to line up! 
I am also excited to be doing something like this which I have never done. Will give us experience before we do a similar line up for the twilight panel at Comic Con this year!

Also TOMORROW is the Red Pump day! so wear your red pumps and support cause!

Here are some of my favorites from the collection:
I LOVE this necklace!

Here are some others I want to check out...

Just the pants:

I love this suit but doubt I will get is since I won't get much wear out of it...


  1. Hi! I've found your blog by Chictopia and I like your looks:) What do you think about following each other?:) Please let me know on my blog:)

  2. I love that your son wakes up hungry, too! That happens to me all the time. My growling stomach is what stirs me awake.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Love this look!

    Sounds like you are busy, but doing well. :)

  4. Love love love your outfit with all that white and tortoise glasses and mustard looks really cool. Love your necklace too. See in the first marni picture that necklace was the one I want you bought the one on the second picture!

  5. I seriously love that necklace you're rockin'!

  6. Hope you had fun at the H&M Marni event you went to, can't wait to see what you scored!

  7. Pretty necklace and love the mustard sweater!


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