Monday, March 5, 2012

Loving Joey

This is what I wore to work a party hosted by my friend at the salon she works at Sunday afternoon...
The trench is made out of tencel twill and the waist area and under arms is cotton blend so it feels like a very comfortable cardigan but looks very polished doesn't it?
This is one my favorite pieces in the Kika Paprika line I sell.

Trench/Jacket - 'Joey' in Navy by Kika Paprika
Shorts - TJ Maxx
Top - 'Leah' in white by Kika Paprika
Booties - Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Scarf - 'Triangle Scarf' in Poppy by Kika Paprika

My parents kept the kids in the morning and I thought after sleeping in I would get some work done. But I felt so inadequate with my new Mac going through PC withdrawals. After spending too much time being unproductive I decided to immediately activate  my 'one on one' and schedule my first session. So packed up the car and rushed to the mall to the apple store. The first session was good. I will probably be taking a different session every weekend so I can learn all the tricks. Especially with iPhoto.
Afterwards I went to my friend's salon to host a Kika Paprika show. it was fun being in a venue like that.
Felt like a fashion event. But the girls were not into staying and trying on clothes which is really the key to getting to know the line. Still it was a nice experience. Since it ended early I rushed to meet the family who were at a pool party at our friend's house which was nearby.

This is where the party was held:


  1. Holy cow! Those shoes! The whole outfit rocks, but those shoes! I can't stop admiring them!

  2. I love this whole outfit. See this is what I mean when I say mix it with your own clothing! Love the colors and love the Kika scarf too. The shoes look great with that jacket so funky yet polished with class. Way to go babe and the H of H glasses look awesome on you.

  3. Juli I love that top on you with your jeans it looks so chic and I want one for sure! hair pulled back also shows the cold shoulders which makes it really cool.

  4. Your lita's are super fun!! You def. should wear them more :) Love how you paired them!

  5. OMG your shoes made me fall off my chair. Can I borrow them puhlease? Love this Monday Mingle submission. My assignment this week was all about styling--one top, six looks:

  6. love those sunglasses! and damn, i love those shoes!

  7. The coat is so well designed, it actually adds to the outfit.

  8. Those shoes are AMAZING! I'm in awe!


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