Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Invisible Circus

 My outfit yesterday morning... Very casual but comfy. Inspired by the August 2011 issue of Lucky Magazine:
Not the pieces necessarily but the color combination of pastel blue, black and white and yellow...

Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Plaid Blouse - Target
Pants - J Crew
Sneakers - Converses

Here are the kids having a bit of swing time in the backyard while I was taking my photos before going to school:

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  1. This so cute and exactly what I thought to wear my new pastel jeans with kika victoria citrus top! and I hesitated to buy the polka dot socks which I will go back and buy with the snake print skirt from H&M. The kids look very cute on their sea-saw. great party last night and everybody loved Kika!!!


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