Monday, March 5, 2012

Lace in Shadows

This was my outfit Saturday night to our friend's dinner party!
The inspiration was from this very old magazine clipping:

 I liked this idea of jet black tights under a stark white lace dress...

Added simple black rhinestone hoop earrings:

Lace Dress - Vintage
Tights, Earrings - Forever 21
Booties - Michael Antonia
Velvet Jacket - Bebe

Had such a fun night with our old old friends. We thought about it and realized we have known each other since 1996 and started this dinner party tradition sometime in 1997! That is so long ago. Before we each kids, before some of us had married and before some of us had divorced! There is something to be said about friendships that go that far back. You just know each other so well and have been through so much and have so many crazy memories together. That level of comfort is hard to come by.
And here are some of the kiddos having dinner at their own table:

Later in the night and after the kids had a big slumber party sleep over (except ours who were spending the night at grandma's) and after many bottles of WINE:

And after 3 rounds of the 'catch phrase' game...
We started playing dance on Wii to Michel Jackson edition. After the ladies kicked butt we had the guys take a turn!



  1. Game night avec some vino...Love it!

  2. Lovely lace dress. I adore how you took the inspiration and made it your own.


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