Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a pigment of imagination

 Today's bright combo was another Bee (from Atlantic Pacific) inspiration:

I just love the combination of blue, orange and yellow with a touch of animal print (see shoes) and pearls!

Cardigan - Gap
Tee - 'Beth' in citrus from Kika Paprika
Pants - J Crew
Shoes - Enzo
Pearls - vintage
Ring - Ruche

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Morning was spent with work conference calls this time done in peace in my home office while my mom came over to take the kids to the outdoor class at the park. I then accompanied my dad with his Dr appointment. Since my parents had to work no one to babysit the kids and I couldn't stay with my Dad during his chemo but my brother did.
Afternoon was the indoor play area...

I didn't have the heart to delete or crop these photos.
Here is the real background on how 
mommy bloggers do a photo shoot:

Notice the flying goggle my son threw right into my shot below:

I love this one cause look at me all trying to pose 'cool' and the kids next to me totally contradicting that 'look'. Love it!
Just a tad different that Bee's locale on a street with a nice cup of coffee! But I wouldn't trade my setting it in a million years! 

Not sure why they are in swim suits. They were like this when I got home. My step dad said they wanted to swim in the pool which of course is not warm enough at all so they put on their swim suits to play in the imaginary pool created by my lovely collection of pillows on the living room daybed!


  1. Love the pictures with the kids! lOL! Great outfit, love the color mix, great job!

  2. Love the outfit , the colours are great. And love the reality pictures too. My kids just end up in my pictures.

  3. First I'm jealous that it is warm enough for your kids to play outside in swimsuits!

    Love the shoes and I like the seed pearls mixed with the regular pearls!

  4. your kids are so cute. love the colour blocking here Daphne with the added pop of pattern with the pumps! Fab! :-)

  5. Love this color combo. I will do the same as soon as my citrus Victoria Kika top gets here! The pearls are a very cool touch to the sporty outfit.I had so much fun with them at the outdoor class in the morning but after working 3 hours on top of it when I got home I had to take a much needed nap to recuperate before I draw the plans for another 2 hours!!

  6. I love this outfit! I would never thought about putting these colors together but they work beautifully! love the kids "messing up" your pictures: it's perfect!

  7. Amazing sunglasses !!!

  8. Defnecim selam, ne zamandir bakamadim bloglara, bir suru post birikmis o arada.

    Bee nin bu kombinini hatirliyorum, hatta ilk resmi gorunce hemen o gelmisti aklima ikinciyi gormeden. Gene cok guzel bir inspiration olmus. Saclarinin rengine bayildim ayrica.



  9. nice outfit! i so love your pants!




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