Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Growing Up is Getting Old

 Last night's outfit for a dinner with the girls for my b-day. 

Inspiration from my go to blog for going out outfits: Fashion Coolture:

The funny thing is I bought this t-shirt in size large to wear it as a night gown and it worked great until I washed it and it shrunk. So when I was looking for a long tunic top that was not tight I though this would work great!

Ah, I had done my hair totally straight but with humidity it did not last!

Vest, Tee, Shorts, clutch, hat - Forever 21
Accessories  - Thread Show, from Turkey, Cookie Lee
Boots - from Turkey

My mom and step-dad surprised me with wanting to take the kids and have them spend the night!
So I had the whole day to get caught up with work and household chores. Then got ready for the big outing with the girls. Thanks to my bf she picked one of the new and hip places in a very artsy neighborhood. The ambiance was very cool indeed and we had a great time.
Then half of them went back home while the rest of us hit our old favorite dive Karaoke bar!

 This wall by the bathroom was filled with barbie dolls dressed in LBDs! :)

This classic NYC paper cub is actually a ceramic replica!

 With my cousin who still has not had her baby as you can see. Any day now we are waiting!

We forgot to take a group photo before half of us left so 3 of my girlfriends are missing from the photo...


  1. Your hair looks amazing here and I love this outfit! Hope you had a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Karoake is a blast. We have a karoake machine at home and we sing like rock stars, lol :)

  3. Looks like a fun time! Happy B-day! Those gray boots are cute!!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful night! You look lovely as always!

    Your cousin is amazing, being so far along and rocking those heels! :) Best wishes to her for a good delivery!

  5. Love your outfit and the hat looks great with your new bangs!Your legs look amazing under that fun T-shirt.The most interesting date was Sedef was in her 39th week and Daphne was celebrating her 39th birthday!!!She does look amazing on her last week! Happy birthday baby you look so happy among friends.

  6. Happy birthday to you!! Fun photos! Cute versatile outfit. Good luck to your cousin.


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