Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wild Goose Chase

 Yesterday's outfit during the day of running some crazy errands...

The inspiration photo:
 I liked this all black very NYC style summer combination...
And gives me a chance to wear my super duper old Banana Republic maxi skirt...
This skirt is definitely more Fall/Winter fabric but it worked fine for this cloudy but muggy day.

 I layered the rhinestone necklace over the fringed one for the same effect in the inspiration photo...

Tank - who knows, this is even older than the skirt
Skirt - Banana Republic
Ankle Cuff Flats - TJ Maxx
Purse - 6951
Necklaces, Bracelet - H&M and Forever 21

The kids and I were torn deciding what to do today. Where we wanted to go did not get majority vote by the playgroup and they were heading to the zoo. My daughter was up for the zoo but my son and I not so much. I also knew I had a few errands to run and my son really wanted to go to a store to search for magic box/kit. He is very focused like that.
So first we went to the mall downtown (Horton Plaza) to do some b-day exchanges. This mall is definitely not stroller friendly but we managed and had lunch there.
Then it was off to the other mall to do an other exchange at H&M. Since the stores I had to go to only reside in two separate malls this was necessary. Quite a hassle but we did it. The kids and I talked the whole time how we were a team and checked off all the spots we had to go to. It was great bonding too.
We did find an age appropriate magic kit for him and he was so happy. He is so focused and mature as he didn't look at anything else in the store or asked for anything else. My daughter was happy with two finger sticking sticks from the toy store. We then did mommy's exchange and had dessert and headed home. Oh even picked up a halloween costume for my son from the disney store. I can't believe  not only are they already on the shelves but almost out and we are in August!


  1. Yup, you nailed the NYC look. So much so I expect to see you walking down the street here!

  2. I love how you accessorised this black dress !

  3. Can never go wrong with a black maxi! Sounded like a nice day with the kids. It's great when things work out where kids are involved.


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