Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the garden

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by the photo below:

I know this vintage tunic from my Grandmother is becoming quite raggedy but I still love it. ;)

Top - Vintage
Denim Leggings - Guess
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Flats - Enzo

Tuesday got to sleep in since the kids were at my mom's and did not have to go there until lunch. We had a family lunch in their backyard (where the photos were taken) then hung out for a while. My stepdad installed this bike behind his to take my son. Got a lot of attention at the park:

Today we hosted quite a big pool playdate at our house with potluck lunch. I am exhausted now and sipping tea from my new tea press, b-day present from my bf.


  1. You look so cute!


  2. Hello beautiful, I did not know your blog.

    I loved, is very stylish and you're gorgeous :)

    You have a new follower.

    I invite you to know my blog, I hope your visit;)

    A big hug, PersonalStyle.

  3. Cute outfit! And, Love the new shades!

  4. Love that top on you with those leopard flats. Trevor is looking very concerned while biking behind grandpa:) This might give him enough encouragement to ride his own bike hopefully!

  5. I love the outfit and the bike pictures are great. :)


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