Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making the Cut

 My outfit yesterday as I took the kids to a Jr. Theater ballet with my daughter's class...

The inspiration was from the J Crew Catalog:
 My pants are from their last season collection but the concept of pairing silky pants for day wear is the same...

 Initially I put on the gorgeous J crew statement necklace my hubby got but then decided to to go with the blue theme to pick up the navy from the pants instead...

For practicality during the day I switched to silver ballet flats instead of these... but it was totally pushing it to be without socks.  My feet were freezing.

Blouse - Lucky
Pants - J Crew
Watch - Target
Sweater, necklace, shoes - Forever 21
Bracelets - the charm one is from India and the others I can't remember....

For 2nd time in this semester I kept my son home from school so we can all go to the Jr. Theater play of 'Go Dog Go' inspired by Dr. Seuss's famous book. The kids got such a kick out of the silly play laughing hard. Although my son felt it was a little below his age but he liked it regardless...
Afterwards I wanted to just go to the indoor place and work while they played but they wanted to hang out with their friends so we went to the near by large park and they played to their heart's content for an hour....

Do you like this new hair style I came up? I started doing my classic front braid and then decided to continue all around like a tiara. She loved it. It was her idea to add more flowers. Also her idea to wear her 'sugar plum fairy' dress up dress to the play. She originally thought she was actually going to star in the play and had a breakdown when I told her she can't go on stage. Kids. :)

Notice the tiny ice cream cone in her hand and the mouth covered in chocolate!? She sneaked into the deep freezer and stole one!
Got to love the missing tooth smiles! 
He will think he looked so dorky when he is grown looking at these photos but as mom's these days are just the most precious....


  1. Love the pants and the shoes together! So chic!

  2. You are so creative and fashionable! Your kiddos are too cute! :)

  3. aw...i hate seeing the kids disappointed when they are expecting something else.

    i love this outfit!! the pants are nice!



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