Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink Puffer Vest

I got this combination idea from the J Crew website:

The kikaPaprika t-neck and skirt were the perfect colors but my vest is more of a fuchsia pink while theirs is bubblegum. Still cute idea though I thought.

While the J Crew vests are in the $100 range this one from F21 was $15 and came in 6 colors. Super soft too. I kept it on all day like a top. 

I am so glad I got these boots. I keep reaching out for them more and more for outfits I never thought I would pair them with. They just add that grunge look with vibrant shine and such deep color. Plus unlike the real Doc Martens these have a size zip so I never have to worry about the ties!

 T-neck - 'Erin' in bordeaux by kikaPaprika 
(now part of a buy 3 get 30% off sale)
Skirt - 'Simone' in winter white by kikaPaprika 
(part of the same sale, items can be mixed and matched)
Tights - we love color
Boots - Target
Earrings - Betsey Johnson
Bracelets - Fossil and Etsy...

My son is back at school today so we are officially back in our routine. I am still playing catch up with my annual photo album project and emails and work. Hoping to catch-up by the end of this week. May be then I can set-up some solid goals.

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  1. Love your vest...I have two puffy vests and wear them tons!


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