Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Day More

This interesting combo I wore on Friday was inspired by the October 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine:
 This wasn't easy to create. I switched the ruffles with a faux fur collar of the vest. I double belted to create that super large belt look. I initially tried with my burgundy t-strap heels but it just didn't look right. These chunky Dr. Marten looking boots looked better somehow...

Vest, Necklace, Bracelet - LOFT
Shirt - H&M
Leather Leggings - Macy's
Belts - from Turkey
Boots - Target

Babysat the friend's son again took him to my daughter's class with us. They did a mini New Year's day parade around the building which was cute.
In the afternoon met my friend with the kids at the mall. Now that it gets dark so soon the kids were so weirded out about being outside in the dark. They had this funky fearful look on their faces but the mall was full of people and music playing so it was OK. We had dinner and my husband met us there to have dinner and then take the kids home and I stayed with my friend to finally see Les Miz. It was great. Definitely slow and lots of singing but it is one of my favorite soundtracks and there were some great acting too....

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  1. loving that last look with the faux fur and green
    Xo Megan,


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