Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Are u a good witch or a bad witch?

 This was my outfit on Tuesday morning. My inspiration was from the Victoria's Secret summer catalog:

I liked this all green outfit with brown touches. I didn't have a dark green scarf though so added my soft muted colored Ed Hardy scarf instead...

 These wrap around bracelets have become my staples. They are so easy to wear with the kids as they are soft and do not clunk and so easy to put on with snaps.

Scarf - Ed Hardy
Tank - Target
Pants - Bebe
Belt - Limited
Heels - Forever 21
Bracelets - Bauble Bar, Cookie Lee and from Turkey

The days are busy and loaded with my husband out of town and me towing two kids back and forth from school to activities to running errands and dealing with our broken appliances.
Had a parent night at my son's school last night while my sis and brother in law came to babysit. I wasn't feeling great though so I actually shed this whole outfit and put on a comfy jeans and a hoodie.
Today I tried to motivate my son for the run club in the morning so put on gym clothes and stayed that way the whole day.
Have you guys heard of 'Rainbow loom' bracelets? Made out of mini rubber bands? Apparently popular among at least elementary school kids. One boy in my son's class made him one and another boy said his older sister is going to make him one too. My son barely acknowledged these poor kids in front of me but may be he talks to them when I am not there cause they were so friendly to him. So today we went to MIchael's and had to get the $17 set for him to make his own. And of course none of the michael's coupons apply to this brand. What a shocker. After many tries we figured out the basic model. The good thing is he can make them on this own. We'll see if we can figure out the more complicated patterns.
He is going to make some for his friends now.
It made me remember the friendship bracelets I used to make in high school so I told them I will make them one if I can actually remember how after all these years....

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