Thursday, September 12, 2013

I can show you the world

 Today's outfit was inspired by Redbook's July 2013 Issue: 

 Did this polish last night, but of course it was already coming off today....

Cashmere shrug - Charlotte Russe
T-shirt - TJ Maxx
Skirt - Anthropologie
Sandals - Luxury Rebel
Bag - Shoedazzle
Bracelets & Watch - Cookie Lee

The week is coming to an end and so am I. Without my husband this week it has been tough mornings and evenings. This morning was tough as well but we managed to get out and get my son to school in time. Then we were off to my daughter's ballet class. Since we arrived so early, I had time stroll with her and show her the lilly pads and the koi pond. She loved it.
After her class we came to the library for story time and craft and checking in out books for the week.
Due to library the kids read approx 2-3 new books every day. During our parenting class they thought us we should always read to our kids at one level below their reading/comprehension level to expand their knowledge of vocabulary and topics which is what I target.  I keep 1-2 new books in the car too everyday so when we are waiting to pick up my son I can read to my daughter or during my daughter's soccer I can read to my son. I hope they adopt this habit when they are older. That to pass time you can always read. No ipads, iphones, dvd players or video games. Just good old fashion paper book. Now when ever we are waiting somewhere my daughter asks if I have a book with me.

After the library we rushed home to work on my daughter's pre-school art project and to meet the repair guy for the microwave and the oven. Thank goodness it was a fuse issue which still cost but not nearly as much as our other appliance malfunctions. And they are now working yeay!
I made snacks and packed all the gear we need and we headed to pick up my son then met a friend at the park for a playdate and to catch-up since the kids are in different school. They go to a private school so I am anxious to compare our curriculum to theirs.
The kids just got dirtier and dirtier there and we headed to soccer practice while I did homework with my son. You can imagine we were all exhausted and our dinner plans turned out to be a big mistake by hitting traffic so it was a late night but we managed.
I did miss out on a cool fashion event tonight but I made the responsible decision and turned down my mom's generous offer to not go herself and to babysit. Weeknights are just too hectic.


  1. my weeks have been tough, too. kindergarten has so much homework, and my son wants to fight me the entire, my highschooler is realizing she can't get by doing things last minute! she was up all night working on a paper, then got up early to finish. you look great, tho! such a pretty skirt!

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  2. I love everything about this look! Juliet makes such a pretty ballerina. :)


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