Friday, September 13, 2013

Good Grief

Today's combo was inspired by March 2013 issue of In Style magazine. 
 It was actually a pretty simple combo. The silkiness of the fabric adds interest but it is really the scarf and the shoes that pop. Hence in the afternoon when I shed these items the outfit was just bare and incomplete. And that is the thing with accessories. You really can't do without them if you want to whole look. 

I absolutely adore these sandals and always get soooo many compliments everytime I wear them. And their heel is just such a wearable length. 

Top - Forever 21
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Pants - Gap
Sandals - Seychells (from Anthropologie)
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson
Bracelet - Stella & Dot

Went to my daughter's pre school then rushed home to meet this promotional carpet cleaner guy. He was selling this amazingly expansive ($1200) vacuum cleaner which of course I didn't buy and he cleaned our big family room area rug and my son's room rug for free. My daughter enjoyed this presentation and the foam while eating her lunch.
We picked up my son who was just in the grumpiest mood and came home. Rainbow loom perked him up. He made me look up this very 'advanced' pattern on their website video's and we did a pretty amazing bracelet for him. I keep forgetting to take photos of these.
Then of course I was late to my daughter's ballet school meeting. My mom babysat as I headed there. It was all about the Christmas performance nutcracker and what we have to commit to if we want our kid in the performance. My daughter is dying for this so I signed up but it is going to be major major commitment.
She is so funny of course she thought she could just become the 'sugar plum fairy' which is the top role. I tried to explain to her that she will have mini but very cute roles. We have to see how this goes. You will hear me complain a lot probably as I track across town twice a week plus more starting October. But seeing her on stage will be priceless I am sure.

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  1. liking the look...especially leopard print with blue combo!!!


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