Monday, September 9, 2013

Parisian Prep

 Today's sweet combo was inspired by a very old issue of Elle Magazine. I think at least couple years old...

 I added my tulle skirt under the denim one to create a layered effect and lengthen the mini. I gave away the striped top I had in mind for this outfit during my closet cleaning so settled for this cute tee I won from a blog giveaway instead...

Blazer, tulle skirt - Forever 21
Denim Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Tee - from a blog
Earrings - Juicy Coutre
Ring -gift from Mom
Watch/cuff bracelet - Betsey Johnson (another gift from Mom)
Shoes - I can't read the brand name (they are so old)

My hubby is traveling for work training so I am flying solo everyday this week. And there seems to be some sort of a curse on our household appliances. Last two weeks we had to replace the water heater and spent hundreds on the upstairs toilet. Now our shower wall/door has shattered and we have to get a whole new shower and last night our microwave and oven stopped working!
Weird right?
I tried to prep everything so the morning was actually pretty smooth. Just had to get up before 6:30 AM which is really brutal but I am getting used to it.
At my daughter's pre-school it was her sharing and she is so enjoying her class.


Love to hear your thoughts...