Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby it is cold outside

Another outfit from a very old inspiration. The Ugg Ad in October 2011 issue of Vogue:

 It usually just doesn't get that cold in San Diego to wear such outfits that is why these old inspirations were still left in the folder. But this weekend's weather was perfect to support a big fur snood all day long!

Leather  Jacket - Maxx
T-neck - Gap
Pants - Forever 21
Fur scarf - Asos
Boots - Shoedazzle

We started the freezing cold day with Turkish School. I met up with my brother-in-law for coffee while the kids were in school.  My mom joined us and together we drove to our local parade. First though we had to stop at the house to add additional cardigans under the coats and stocked up on hats and gloves.
We met up with friends and parked in front of our friend's house and walked down to the parade. It was so fun cause so many of our friend's school's had floats in the parade and we got to wave at so many familiar faces. Even my mom ran into her friend who was walking with her dog in the parade.
I have to say it was by far the longest parade I have ever seen but kids loved it. So many candy canes were given you would think it was Halloween. Then there was a little festival in the park nearby but the mommies could only handle the chilling cold for so long so we walked back to my friend's house to de-thaw and ordered mexican food and had a great time the rest of the evening!

 Don't you just love their jackets!? I got them both at JC Penny.  My son's was on clearance for $15!

I think i switched off the auto focus button by mistake so this photo came so blurry! :(

Here are some of our friend sightings in the PARADE:


  1. I loved all your outfits. Trevor's jacket was very hip,Juliet's was unexpectedly teen style and her moto leggings was so cool! Your all white top to bottom inside was looking creamy and great with brown boots and jacket. Your scarf was the hit of the day!
    I love a parade and it reminded me the days when I was a drummer in our school marching band!!!

  2. adorable...the kids in their leather jackets like mom!! love the all white outfit. i think brown boots look nice with white.

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  3. Wonderful. I love the inspiration for the outfits. That jacket is my favourite! :-) Happy Holidays! xx/Madison

  4. NIce total white outfit!

  5. Love the all ivory outfit. I've done it as well and it feels so good and it makes your skin look great.


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