Sunday, December 8, 2013

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 Yesterday's cozy holiday outfit to shop for the kids xmas tree and also going to an outdoor birthday party…
Was inspired by this very old Glamour from Nov 2011 issue:
Both of these pieces are so old it is quite ridiculous actually.  This sweater is extremely thick but it is just one of those never goes out of style fair isle ski sweaters. I save it for the coldest weather situations which probably comes once may be twice a year here. The pants are very old but they always fit perfectly and nothing ever happens to them. So here they are surviving many of my closet purges and succeeding to remain in my collection year after year!

Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Pants, Hat - Forever 21
Purse - DKNY
Boots - UGGs

We had a nice breakfast at home and took our time getting ready after watching a movie together and lounging around. Then went to a local tree lot to have the kids pick out their tree with my dad.
They keep picking tall and large trees but we had them agree on this size and instead of noble this year we got douglas. It is not the prettiest but the kids love it…

 She has chosen her tree!

Then we came home and I put lights on the tree but we needed more so my mom and stepdad bought some and came over. Then the kids put up their decorations in any way they liked….

The minute we arrived home she put on this outfit, bright tights and the big flower pin included!

The Tree is DONE!

Later we went to my friend's 30th birthday party on the beach. Except it had been raining on and off and it was quite cold and top it all very windy. It was so chilly but we tried to last there thru dinner and the cake then had to come home to warm up. Our friends who had also come to that party stopped by for a while…

Oh and to end the post here was our crazy elves getting into my make-up when we found them Saturday morning:

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