Thursday, December 12, 2013

Everyone Dancing Merrily

 Yesterday's Inspiration was inspired by an old post from the carri fabulous blog which has been discontinued….
This soft and romantic combo had an interesting color palette of mustard browns and blushing pinks...

Here was the base outfit when it was warm...

This top is just so ridiculously old. and sure enough when my daughter asked me to reach for something she dropped in the car it totally ripped under my arm. I am going to see if I can fix it. What a shame. Some clothes are just not very mommy friendly...

 Who knew I would use these boots so much. I would normally wear my leather cognac boots but given their small heel I have been reaching for these flat ones for more comfort...

It was nice to wear this coat two days in a row before I hung it back in the guest room closet with all the other faux and real fur items...

Jacket, Pants - Forever 21
Top - Newport News
Scarf - very old. I can't even remember from where
Boots - Shoedazzle
Purse - Thread Show

It was my daughter's first performance in the nutcracker wednesday morning. It was school day so all the audience was schools on a field trip including our preschool class. Therefore all her friends were there to watch her. We first saw them and said hello then I checked her in and went in with my dad to watch the show. Her tiny part is in act two in the land of sweets. She was adorable. Totally did what she was supposed to but with a 2 minute delay but it was so cute.
When her part was over I was able to check her out then snuck her back in the theater so she could watch the remaining of the performance and loved it.
I was so happy my dad was able to sit through the whole performance with minimal pain and we came home afterwards and right after lunch he went to bed. I washed up all the hair spray and make -up off of her and we went to pick up my son than came home for homework and preparing dinner and went to his swim practice then came home again. It was pretty exhausting.

 The gorgeous historic theater the performance takes place...


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  2. Very chic outfit for a ballet mom! Love the old shirt and the pink jacket goes perfectly with your cute purse.
    Juliet is looking more adorable than ever and with a confident and proud smile on her face. Performing in front of her friend must have been exciting for her. Look at the circle of life, years ago you have performed in the same building and I was very proud taking bunch of pictures! Hope she keeps it up:)

  3. what a fun coat! i love the unexpectedness of the pink paired with the mustard. great combination.

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