Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You get a sentimental feeling

 One of my mommy friends at pre-school gave me this fur vest. A friend had given it to her and she insisted she would never wear it and wouldn't know to style it etc. It is a very cool color and reversible. Although I feel it was a bit larger on me but I pushed the extra material back a little. :)

The inspiration was from the Garnet Hill Catalog for Winter 2013:
  I loved the pairing with the lavender jeans and adding a southwester feel to it with booties and feathers...

Vest - from a friend (no tags to determine brand or size)
Jeans, sweater, necklace - Forever 21
Purse - Thread Show
Watch - Cookie Lee
Booties & sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Went to preschool in the morning. Then off the indoor play area for job search. After picking up my son we came home to cook dinner and tried to part of his homework. My mom and stepdad came over to take him swimming while I fed my daughter and got her ready for dress rehearsal and photo day for her nutcracker performances. My mom came with me to take her. She was so wired to be leaving the house in the dark and she was literally giggling in pure joy when we applied make-up on her.
We went lighter since it was photo day and just a rehearsal. Although for the performances I will have to go heavier cause you can see from the stage photos she looks washed out as opposed to the super bright look she has when were at home!

Oh, While we were at home though she was in the garage working on something. She came out with a gift bag that had a tissue paper wrapped 'gift' inside she prepared for the Sugar Plum Fairy.
She managed to remember the bag when we left the house and when we arrived at the rehearsal. The ladies at check in were very nice and one of them took her to the sugar plum fairy's dressing room so she can give her gift! It was so cute. Totally her idea. She is just mesmerized by her.

The parents were only allowed to sit in the back 5 rows and were not allowed to move or stand to take photos and no flash. So the quality is not the best at all. Good thing is they take professional photos and we will have them in 3 weeks.

And here is my son mocking the lipstick application!
He was also warning me how I shouldn't be teaching these to her cause she will go and do it herself!

 Looks so much older!

 Here they come. She is the 2nd one in line coming to the stage between the sugar plum fairy and his prince or 'her boyfriend' as my daughter calls him!

Oh, I forgot to post what our crazy elves have been up to yesterday.
They got into the rainbowloom stuff and he was making himself a necklace….

And last night he finished and put it on and they were sleeping in my daughter's princess doll bed in her room!

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