Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Paint ball

Look how cute yesterday's outfit turned out inspired by a look at Shop Ruche website:

I actually like my pants version better, cause no way I can go bare legged. I am always so cold in the mornings and have to wear socks and boots and preferably cover my legs. So with this outfit it was good for all day and all night long and I never had to change. Plus it was super comfortable.

Got these from Shoedazzle's boot sale for such a ridiculous price. And they are cushiony inside and very comfortable...

Scarf - TJ Maxx
Cardigan - Forever 21
Tee - kika Paprika
Jeans - Asos
Boots - Shoedazzle

Going back to our regular schedule after a week of vacation is quite tough on all of us. My daughter woke up late and took forever to eat and get dressed. I was out of practice making lunches fast and getting ready at the same time but we managed to leave the house and get my son in time for his run club even but then had to stop back home so I can clean up the kitchen and quickly snap these photos then we were at her school and totally early.
Got the supplies to do her ballet bun after class. I am going to start practicing on Thursday. My daughter will be performing in the Nutcracker in 5 performances and we are suppose to this specific bun which wouldn't be a problem if she had her long hair before her butchering job. Lets see with lots of gel and a bun helper if I can make it happen.
After some job searching at the indoor play area we picked up my son and stopped at home then went to his swim team practice. Man it is getting darker earlier now. We got home and in a rush got them showered and fed and into bed early. My dad and his friend came over to do us a huge favor and stayed in our house while we went to the luxury theaters to meet our friends and celebrate her birthday and watch 'catching fire' together. Going to those theaters always makes me feel like a million bucks and I love the chili flavored pop corn. The movie was great!

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  1. I love how this came together too. That cardigan is so adorable.
    I am having hard time to get back to my regular routine too. Well if you manage to do all that and be early for Juliet's school , you are doing very good:)


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