Sunday, December 1, 2013

You can only chase a butterfly for so long

 Today's outfit for the last day of our trip was inspired by the 'Stylish Housewife' Blog:

She was inspired by someone else so I guess this is the 3rd interoperation of it! :)

Cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Tank, Denim Shirt, White Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Uggs
Belt - Limited

We had leisurely breakfast than packed and went back to the beach with the kids to launch another rocket. The kids love watching it. Although it really stresses out my husband the fear of hitting someone. But we were quite out in the open so it was OK.
We then took the kids to a monarch butterfly preserve that was nearby. Very short hike and great butterfly viewing. Then it was back home for lunch and watching Grandpa ride the biplane.
Then it was a mad rush to pack everything especially the food then load up the car and get on the road. We left around 1 PM and I kid you not did not get back until 8 PM. We did stop for half hour at a playground for kids to get fresh air and then again for dinner but that was it. It was a very long and tiring ride. The kids must have watched 3 movies. They looked like zombies when we arrived home. Got them showered and in bed though relatively close to bed time so that was good.

 Heading to a far away spot on the beach to launch the rocket...

Turkey Vulture!

 My hubby with his nephew getting ready to light it up...

There it goes...

The kids go after the rocket that came down...

This bee was stuck on this butterfly's wing so she couldn't fly. My husband was able to flick off the bee and they both flew away in their own ways...

And finally my father-in-laws plane ride:

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