Thursday, December 5, 2013

The hardest job you will ever have

 Yesterday's outfit was inspired from October 2013 issue of Lucky Magazine:
 The jacket in the photo reminded me of this maxi blazer/coat I had in my son's closet probably 20 years ago! And I need lots of cozy layers on M-W-F while watching my son's swim practice so I try to pick combinations on those days that are very warm like this one.

Well, this was one of the sweaters I had pinned as items I coveted. And when Anthropologie had its black Friday sale I went for it. It is a bit itchy but I added a cami under it so it was fine. 

Hat - Lucky
Coat, Jeans - Forever 21
Sweater - Anthropologie
Booties - Betsey Johnson
Necklace - Cookie Lee

After my daughter's school we fit in a quick costco shopping as it is our snack turn at the school on Friday. We then had to stop home of course to unload the groceries then picked up my son and decided to surprise them by a trip to the mall to see Santa to beat the weekend crowds and lines he will have.
There was still a short wait but it was quick.  My son asked for a lego set that I made the mistake of not checking before hand. My daughter asked for something super odd so not sure about that either. It is like this swing on a rope and has glow in the dark features. Of course we don't have a tree in our yard that would be suitable for this.  Immediately upon leaving santa's area they wanted the candy canes and my daughter's broke and she had a fit throwing the broken cane to the street. We promised to go back and ask for a new one later.

While we were at the mall though we stopped at the lego store only to find out to my terror that the set he wants is THE Biggest set in the store and costs $400!!! I told him there is no way Santa can do such large gifts plus the set is for ages 16+ for heavens sake. He will have to settle for a smaller hobbit set or something like that. But this meant we had to go back to Santa to explain. Santa was hard of hearing and did not quite get all this and my son semi thinks he will still get it.

He also purchased a small set at the store with the promise that he would pay me from his own money when we got home. But when the time came at home to pay he freaked out that his money will be gone. He is super advanced in math and totally gets the mathematical side of $20 - $16 equals $4 BUT the 6 year old side of him didn't want to give up the cash or the toy. THere was quite a melt down but I felt my hubby and I tried our best to calmly explain it all to him. He was so hysterical we had to send him to his room to calm down. After 5 minutes a $20 bill was thrown downstairs! At the end he did get it. :)

Between the candy cane, un realistic gifts and lessons about purchases we were ready for couple glasses of wine when they went to bed.


  1. That coat is so awesome and I love the color combination of this outfit! And oh man, I can't even imagine the drama that Santa brings when you are a parent. I don't know how you do it!

  2. I love the sweater and the way you wore the necklace over the cowl neck! Very chic. Love the whole warming combo.It was the cutest story ever that he threw the 20 dollar bill downstairs:))))
    No wonder he told me next time not to give him money and just buy the gift he wants!


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