Saturday, December 7, 2013

It is going down, I am yelling 'Timber'

 So this combo was inspired by the Tommy Hilfiger in the recent 
November issues of fashion magazine: 

I swear to you this looked a lot cooler in person than in the photos. It seems too hodge podge in the photos for some reason. Not sure why...

Blazer - Vintage (my mom's)
Vest - J Crew (very very very old)
Top - Banana Republic
Shorts - Forever 21
Boots - Target

It was our snack day at preschool. Which means I get to serve snack for the whole class then clean-up but as a result my daughter gets to be teacher's helper during circle time which she loves.

Morning shake your body dance...

Teacher's Helper...

Months of the year dance...

After school we stopped at home for lunch then left early to park and walk to my son's class to celebrate his teacher's birthday with a gift basket and cookies. We then came home and my son asked to not go swimming cause it was so cold outside (OK, cold for us Souther Cal people). So we stayed home had my dad over and had a warm dinner instead.

Oh, and here how the kids had found our two little naughty elves Friday morning:

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