Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies

Today's inspiration from J Crew's recent catalog I think...

Gave me the opportunity to wear my new khaki pants… They fit perfect and I love the thin red piping...

Blazer - Bebe (part of a suit)
Blouse - La Redoute
Pants - J Crew
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Loafers - Victoria's Secret

Monday I wasn't up for getting dressed. Totally jet lagged and no opportunity to unpack or get the house in order left early in the morning for our preschool class field trip to the Safari Park which is a 45 minute North East drive.
Every spring the park opens up their 'butterfly garden' exhibit where you enter an enclosure with hundreds of butterflies flying all around you. They land on people, bags, flowers and the floor.
The kids used to freak out and but this time my daughter couldn't wait to have one land on her. I had put a huge bow in her hair and sure enough one landed right on it…

Our outdoor class was going to safari park too today and since we already went yesterday we didn't go and I had some time in the morning to finish unpacking and four loads of laundry and getting as much in order as I can. Then picked up my mom and went to a new friend's house for lunch. She is from Turkey and joined our pre school class. She cooked amazing Turkish dishes and it was such a tasty lunch. Unfortunately we had to leave to early for my daughter's appt.
My step dad picked up my son and we met at the house. The kids had missed their grandkids so much so while they were busy playing I got the office in order and paid the bills.


  1. that is indeed one awesome pair of pants!

  2. i wish we had a real butterfly garden. sometimes the mall will have a small butterfly house, but it's hot and smelly...not a really great experience. love the red piping on your pants!


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