Monday, April 7, 2014

Moon Walk

 This was the outfit on Saturday… The inspiration from Polyvore:
Coat - H&M
Top, Jeans, Beret - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden

After breakfast and lounging the Aunt we are staying with took us to the Manchester Science Center. The drive was a big hoot for the kids cause they have a full size Van where the back is furnished with a wrap around bench seat and a table. The kids called it ‘the coolest car in the whole world’! J

 They had a great time exploring at the Science Center.
I really enjoyed reading about the history of the mill yard that used to fuel the economy of the  city in the late 1800 s and view the gigantic replica of the millyard and the city made out of lego’s…

We came home for lunch then they drove us back to Boston in the ‘cool van’ while the kids and I played ‘go fish’ on the card table…

When we got to Cambridge we chilled out at my brother’s house and the kids played with their aunt and uncle and little cousin. Went to dinner at a great tavern than came home to watch a movie in front of the fire before bed.

In the morning my brother took us to the airport for our flight back to San Diego. And amazingly we got home with no delays on our scheduled flights. Imagine that!?


  1. Hi Daphne. You look adorable with your animal sweatshirt. I am currently doing a 30 for 30 challenge and included a very similar Tiger Sweatshirt that I love. I also wore it with all black, first time around. =)

    Stop by to see what's new. Have a Great Tuesday, Ada. =)

    1. Ohhh and I meant to add some fun great photos with the kids. I am glad you enjoyed your family time. =)

  2. Roar! Nice outfit. Last time I was in Boston, we did the Duck Boat tour, too. Glad to hear your trip was fun.


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