Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just for Frills

Today's combo was inspired by Who What Wear site look I had saved from a while back:

Then today I saw another look from the same site that channeled the same vibe:

I like the bohemian feel this outfit gave once put together...

 My mom got me this purse as a diaper bag from a thrift store. It was actually too large to use for that but I have been using for an overnight stay bag or when we do spa day with the girls it is perfect to load up everything and still look chic.

Hat - Asos
Blouse, Jeans - H&M
Booties - Betsey Johnson
Purse - can't remember the brand
Necklace - very old can't remember where this is from either…

A bit slower day today thank goodness. Went to my daughter's ballet class and got to sit and watch her today as once a semester they let parents observe.
Then we stopped at home to clean up and then went to the indoor play area which is closing end of this month, so she can play and I can catch up.
Then it was picking up my son coming home to change and off to register my daughter for soccer for Fall. Yes, they want us to register this early and it had to be in person for some odd reason couldn't be done online!
My stepdad took my son to his 2nd baseball practice of the week and brought him back just in time for dinner.
AFter dinner did the 'thigh and high' sculpting workout of the 'Brazilian Butt Lift'. And…
OMG,… OMG….OMG… it was excruciatingly painful. If you watch the video you would think nothing is being worked as the moves are tiny. But using a rubber band and my gosh it works this tiny tiny muscles that make up our derrière. I am the queen of squats and leg lifts but these moves were something else.  I wanted to cry.
I am not sure how I am going to feel tomorrow!


  1. Is that top as comfortable as it looks?

  2. tour of your last post
    always perfect pictures
    always looks perfect
    always beautiful and charming
    and with beautiful smile


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