Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunny Side Up

Today's outfit was inspired by the February 2013 catalog of Nordstrom's...
 Having the slightly warm weather allowed me to not be afraid to bear my legs as long as I can layer on top so these outfits are perfect….

Cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Blouse - Lucky
Skirt - Rock Republic
Oxfords,  Necklace - Forever 21

I am still jet lagged. I have to have to go to bed early tonight so I can get up without feeling like the whole world is coming down on me.  I met up with my friend to discuss plans for an upcoming baby shower we are co-hosting while which my parents showed up and said they could take my daughter early so I had a solid block of time which I dedicated to couple projects I needed to work on like the shower planning and sending out invites for my son's b-day etc… Then quickly showered and dressed to go to my son's class room to volunteer then stopped at the library to return books and he did part of his homework then we came home just for him to change and have a snack and my parents insisted they take the kids swimming so yet again I had a block of time which I spent cleaning up and paying the bills and filing.
I was all caught up when the kids came back and we had a peaceful night.
I am going to start another exercise program. I am such a sucker for these things but the whole step by step programs work for me. And all beach body programs have healthy nutrition plans with real food and simple recipes which appeal to me.
This time I will be doing the 'Brazilian Butt' workouts. The description states they have cardio and strength workouts so it should be good. And most are 30 minutes.
I read up all the material and will start tomorrow. Yeah! :)

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