Sunday, June 1, 2014

You are my sunshine

 I am super behind now in posts with this crazy weekend celebrating three family birthday and a preschool graduation….

This was my outfit Friday. Inspired by Modlychic:
 I just love combining these colors and I had such similar items…

Jacket, Tee - Forever 21
Pants - Asos
Scarf - Kika Paprika
Purse - Kate Spade
Peep Toes - Steven by Steve Madden
Ring - Cookie Lee
Watch - Marshall's
Sunglasses - Wild Fox

In the morning took my son to school (usually my hubby does) so we can watch his 1st grade sing during flag ceremony…

Then went to my daughter's pre-school. Only a few days left of school and I get so nostalgic just thinking about it. We prepared for the graduation and talent show for Saturday. Then ordered pizza for my son's birthday party, then ordered his cake. Since I was at the grocery store to order his cake I also did half the shopping for his party and my father in law's birthday dinner that will take place all in the same day! Went home for lunch and picked him up for school.
The weather has been warm so the kids swim now every afternoon but MWF they also have swim so I have to get them out of the pool dry them off and put dry swim suit to take them!
After swim practice brought them home to shower and get dressed and left when my husband came over to meet my mom and sister. It was my mom's actual birthday night. We had sushi dinner then went to the movies to see Malifecent together….

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