Saturday, June 7, 2014


Wednesday's outfit was another inspiration from "Not Dressed as Lamb" blog:

This was a unique combination I would have thought of. Looked cute though...
 My husband got these cheap sunglasses for himself but the style looks odd on him and they fit my face perfectly! :)

Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Skirt - Thread Sence
Sandals - J Crew
Necklace - Bauble Bar
Hat - Target

Went to preschool class then left early to sign trust documents at a lawyer's office then stopped at home for lunch. PIcked up my son and directly went to to their dentist appointments. Came home just for a little while then took them to swim practice. In the midst of all of this I tried to fit in a workout but had technical difficulties and it took 3 tries but finally finished it by dinner time when my friend came over. That way I could watch our shows with her after the kids went to bed.


  1. You look gorgeous Daphne. A wallflower you are not. Love your interpretation. The maxi skirt and sandals are beautiful. =)

    Have a Great Weekend. <3 Ada.

  2. What a perfect Summer outfit. Lovely!

  3. Daphne I am so flattered you've taken inspiration from another of my outfits! Your interpretation is so gorgeous - love the fabric of the maxi and your aviators. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Catherine x


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