Thursday, June 5, 2014

Props to Crops

 This was worn Tuesday night taking out my son's 1st grade teacher for happy hour with other class parents!

The inspiration was from the beautiful Bee from Atlantic Pacific:

I could never match the quality of her clothes but I did love this pairing of black and white stripes over the fitted midi skirt in hot pink…. And somehow I pulled off a slightly cropped top (or I hope I did). This is as cropped as I can do I feel at my age. The top is not cropped unless I lift my arms as you can see from other photos…
And I decided to add my black and white heels instead of all black cause I love these heels and they always look so sexy and edgy under everything.

This oversized pearl earrings look super cool with the outfit right? 
And couldn't stop there and added turquoise leather ring and wrap around bracelet too...

My mom thrifted this Boston Proper crochet skirt as a gift for me. So stretchy and comfy and fully lined.

This is the third outfit I am pairing with the pouch clutch my sister got me for Mother's Day. It just adds the right amount of pop of color and fun….

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Boston Proper
Earrings - H&M
Bracelet - Cookie Lee
Ring - From Turkey
Purse - Kate Spade
Heels - Rock Republic (Kohl's)
Sunglasses - Wild Fox

Knowing I was going to dress up in the afternoon I started the day wearing workout clothes so I can fit in a workout before showering and going out. Went to my daughter's outdoor class in the park. It was the last class of the semester but right next week the summer semester will start so no big good-bye's yet. Afterwards we got home and I did a workout and shower and picked up my son and brought him home where my mom met me to take over the kids so I can go out with the parents and my son's teacher for an early happy hour to thank her for all her hard work all school year long. There were a few dad's and mostly mom's and it was so much fun to get to know everyone over drinks. Too bad the school is almost over but you never know we might be in the same class again next year or the year after…
Got home and immediately changed and cleaned up dinner dishes and helped get the kids to bed so by the time my husband came home he couldn't believe I had already gone out and come back. AT least I had photos to prove what I looked like! :)

Our teacher is the one in the middle in a white top...


  1. Pretty dress, love the color and love how you paired with a striped top!

  2. that's nice she joined you guys for happy hour! i gave up on crop tops, but i still love them and wish i could pull it off! love the color combination here.

  3. kısa üst pembe etekle harika durmuş, inci küpelere de bayıldım <3

  4. Hi hot mamma. The shoes, skirt and earrings are all WOW!!

    <3 Ada.


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