Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flashy Fringe...

So, I thought today was going to be warmer like past few days and wore a very summary casual outfit at first. Only to realize it was quite chilly especially in the morning so switched all together. I had this outfit on my list with cargo pants at first but when I tried it on it didn't really work. The top underneath is a top I wore when pregnant. But when cynched with a belt or tucked in, it still works. The sweater again looks navy although it is a purple hue. The whole goal was to wear the new fringe necklace. I saw from a few magazines that fringe was totally in, and metal fringe necklaces were hot. All the references of the examples they showed of course were at prices $100 and up. I was very happy to find mine at H&M at a price I would like to pay. Matched it with the silver leather belt with silver studs. The black and grey hues in the to get picked up by the dark grey skinny jeans and black over the knee boots. My mom was over so I can actually take photos at spots I can't put a tripod. And of course my son loves to pose with me.

Zebra print v-neck top - one of those permenant loans from my mom
Purple Sweater - Gap - $14 on sale
Dark Grey skinny jeans - CLOSET - $30
Over the knee suede boots - Steve Madden - $100
Silver leather belt - Target I think (can't remember it is quite old)
Silver fringe necklace - H&M - $10

Today's Activities: Breakfast with mom and step dad at our house, grocery shopping while they played with the kids at home, Nobel Park (all before lunch and naps). Balboa Park zoo train and carousel with family, brother, sister-in-law, dad and family friends. Dinner at home.
So, it actually got quite warmer in the afternoon but still no sun. I took off the sweater and tucked in the zebra top and belted it through the belt loops of the pant. It looked pretty good. If I wear this top again I will add a tank to underneath. The v-neck does open up too much at times as I pick the kids up and move around.

Tip of the Day: 'Coming up with outfit ideas'...

You can get outfit ideas in many ways: When browsing magazines, reading other people's blogs, other women on the street, store fronts and even catalogs can all be inspiration. Don't just look at photos for items you want to buy or wish you can buy. Look at the in terms of do you have items that are similar and can you create a similar look with what you already own. Or possibly create the look with just buying one item. I get very excited when I see an outfit where I have all similar pieces that I have not worn a while. I immediately jot it down and add it to my list of ideas. This might be too much for you (I know I am way too organized and obsessive especially about lists). If it is a magazine you can just tear out the page or dog ear it. Or just remember it. Same thing with catalogs. You can browse them not with the purpose of shopping but to get ideas. This is not fashion related but I always used Pottery Barn catalogs for decorating ideas. The more you do this, and come up with new and different ideas the more choices you will have when you can't think of what to wear.


  1. Such a pretty necklace!! Love the whole outfit

  2. Love the outfit. The zebra top is great! And WOW to the amount of activities you got done before nap time!!!

    I love the layout of your blog posts: outfit, activities, advice! So perfect! And your son is adorable!

    Oh, and great advice. The worst is when I am shopping or out and see someone wearing the perfect outfit and am overcome with a compulsion to follow them around with a notepad and pencil!!!


  3. Oh that necklace is fabulous! And I love the touch of print with your top!


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