Monday, March 1, 2010

Flower Belt

So, I had ordered this blue suede flower belt soooo long ago from the La Radoute catalog thinking it would be such a cool piece. I never figured out how to wear it. I saw in the March people style watch magazine Claudia S. having a similar belt and wearing it with a number of outfits. So, today tried to put together my own with the belt.
I figured how to set  the mini tripod and take my photo on my bedroom balcony with the timer. My son who is always there when I do this insisted today he is in the photo too.

After the photo though I realized it looks even cooler if I roll up the cuffs of the pants just enough to show the ankle piece of the new sandals.

Outfit: Khaki pants, blue suede flower belt, burgandy/pink top with stone neckline (also very old but back in style) tucked in, my new steve madden jean sandals.

Activities: Took the kids to PB boardwalk in the morning, than hit Trader Joe's for groceries. In the afternoon we visited the nobel library than met a playgroup at the adjacent park.

The sandals exceeded my expectations. They are really really comfy even when walking long distances. And at the park they were a breeze to shake off the sand. I love them.

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