Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inspiration Creation...

So, now I am all for utilizing what is already in my closet and turning summer dresses into items that can be worn in winter (San Diego winter anyway)...
I even took a photo of the magazine (InStyle) that inspired me to show how I use the photos I see to work for my own clothes. The idea was wearing a long sleeve top under a short sleeve dress and adding a belt. Instead of wearing a cardigan over it.
I had this H&M dress in my closet for a while now and have worn it only a few times. I could have worn a black top underneath but thought that would be too predictable. So, I wore a purple one. And looking at the photo it actually totally blends. Instead of platform heels shown in the magezine I opted for suede slouch boots (this time I was happy that the tigh high boots slouch all the way down). And I was even more excited when I found a suede belt in my closet. The fit is wrong but I simply tied it tight and it stayed put all day!

Outfit: Short sleeve wrap around dress in jewel tone colors from H&M, purple top underneath, black slouchy suede boots and black suede belt tied at the waist. Black lava rock necklace was a perfect match.

Activities: Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, Playdate at a friend's house in the AM, Natural History Museum in the afternoon.

Now, this outfit obviously would not work at all if I was going to a sandy park or anywhere where I had to bend down a lot and sit on the floor. The wrap around skirt does not provide a lot of coverage in those positions. But it was perfect for a house playdate and an afternoon at a museum.

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