Thursday, March 4, 2010

Layered look in the AM, ballerina inspired in the PM...

So, another sleepless night therefore not much inspiration. Wore my old cords but decided to do 3 layers on top more to match the ever changing temp during the day than a fashion statement. If you are wondering when I put these outfits together and take the photos, it is always in the morning during my daughter's morning nap. My son is alwasy at my side playing. He is used to the tripod picture taking now and always insists I take his photo too. Couldn't resist including today's. :)

Outfit: Blue cords, brown tank top, white shirt with blue/tan flower design, brown belt, tan hoodie, brown/blue street sneakers.

Activity: Outdoor toddler class.

Sneakers were very comfy and the layers worked out OK.

At night went to a chairy fashion show event at Neiman Marcus with free cocktails and appetizers. Can't beat a night out with the girls at a cost of $0 thanks to my friend who is always aware of events like this.
Wore my ballet dress but this time with the boyfriend blazer. Instead of sticking with just black and pink, added grey/silver to the mix to keep it interesting.

Outfit: H&M pink tulle strapless dress, black boyfriend blazer, grey tights, grey booties, black belt, grey/black/silver scarf, black fringe purse.

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