Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too tired to be inspired...

No new outfits today... Both kids kept waking up through the night and by morning I was too exhausted. Thought about cancelling all the plans but the idea of trying to console to tired and cranky kids when I am exhausted myself made me change my mind. Wore the same outfit from Sunday (ballet sweater with leggings and uggs). Instead of a pink scarf though I put on a pink cardigan and a pink designed headband.

Activities: Toddler class that was supposed to be indoors was moved to outdoors (to a very lame park) due to flooding. Swim class and grocery shopping in the afternoon (so tired of grocery shopping almost everyday! keep going to different stores to take advantage of specials and get different snacks but it is tiring)..Thank God my mom came with me so it was a bit easier, and dad stopped by during dinner time which also helped. Glad to have parents in the same town!

Hopefully I will be more inspired tomorrow. Will make a point to think about some ideas before I fall a sleep which always helps.

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