Thursday, March 11, 2010


Adopting one of the looks in my list of 30+ outfit ideas. Using the new utility jacket/shirt I got from sale on gap. The inspiration photo had grey skinny slacks which I am substuting with grey skinny jeans but the cuffs rolled up to make them ankle length. The photo also used a plain yellow shirt where mine has a slight design and a brown belt where mine is a dark coral color. I love this belt. It is from anthropologie and I think it will go with a lot of things. The best part is it is stretch material and there are no holes so it will fit no matter what size you are. I also needed an outfit today where I can wear during the day and at night for going out with my best friend. You will see the photo with heels is the night outfit and the boots are for during the day. Even though none of the pieces are necessarily warm there was enough of them layered on top of each other (3 layers) that I didn't feel cold even at night. I thought I would never be able to find the key 'navy vest' piece but of course there was one at forever 21. It is actually high quality wool gabardine material with lining and everything. Only for $24. This vest goes great over dresses without adding too much bulk. I am going to get lots of use out of it this coming spring.

Outfit: Grey skinny Jeans, Yellow t-shirt with light design from Target (very old), navy vest (forever 21), utility shirt worn like a jacket (gap), deep coral woven belt tied at hip (anthropologie), coral necklace (charlotte rousse), cognac colored platform heels, Michael Kors (great find at TJ Max). Day time with cognac boots (charles david).

Activities: Kid ventures with toddler class, lunch at home with a friend and her kids. Taking kids to music class in the afternoon. At night went out to an Italian Chef's showcase event with all you can eat appetizers, desserts and champagne all for free with my best friend. She finds the best deals.

I love my one night out per week with the girls. It is like medicine. I feel every mom should have a close group of girlfriends who are preferably not mom's so she can feel like her oldself and have fun and not talk about kids for a few hours. And it is very affordable when your friends find the best deals and events in town that are usually invitation only so you spend no money at all. :)


  1. Your layering worked out very well...I LOVE those shoes!!

  2. The rolled jeans are a great look :) I love these looks and they are very me on the weekend too. :)

    You have a really nice blog, hope it okay if I follow! :D


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