Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very cold day today (for San Diego anyway). Saw this outfit idea on a magazine where they were displaying drawstring bags and there was a small pictures of a model with a bag. The idea was wearing red under a black and white striped jacket. What was great is that I already owned all of these in my closet. The white button down is an old bebe shirt, the red sleeveless sweater is a banan republic piece. The jacket is from forever 21. Since I had to wear a belt to hold up my too big jeans I chose a black and white one so if it peaked out it would look cool. Completed it with a very thin multi chain silver necklace. It is barely seen and that is the idea. :) Activities today were checking out the Children's museum in Escondido. Long drive but a cute little place. Especially great for my little crawler. In the afternoon went to fashion valley with my mom so I could actually try on things as she entertained the kids. Otherwise I don't know how mom's shop. Bought a dress on sale from Anthropologie (my all time fave store) that amazingly goes with so many items already in my closet. Anything from a yellow cardigan, orange cardigan, purple sweater, navy vest, blazer jacket or a utility shirt jacket. It will be a dress I will wear a lot to make use of all these combinations. Can't wait for weather warm up to bit.

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