Monday, March 8, 2010

This is a combination I came up with all on my own. Had the idea but needed the organge cardigan. Found it on sale at Gap couple months ago. Worn this before but had not taken a photo.  Fortunate enough to have couple hours of free time thanks to my mom and step dad taking the kids so went shopping. Put everything I tried on and liked on hold so I can come back with the kids and just purchase the ones I decide on tomorrow. I got great compliments on my outfit from sales clerks. Since the shirt and the cardigan happens to be from Gap the lady said she is actually going to use this idea for her window display. :)   Outfit: Blue skinny jeans, blue and white striped blouse, orange cardigan, brown skinny double strap belt, brown flat boots. And the infamous $7 necklace from H&M. Got specific compliments on it today. It is just a such an understated simple piece and love the colors and how it amazingly goes with a lot of items.  Read couple more magazines and am just full of new outfit ideas. Searching couple of essential items such as 'utility jacket' which will be the replacement of the boyfriend blazer for spring/summer, a flowy flowery dress that can be the bottom piece for all sorts of funky layered outfits, Cargo pants and khaki shorts. I have a few on hold so need to make sure I am getting the best price. I am also re-discovering some items in my closet that will come alive with these fashion pieces. A lot of fun.
Oh, the activities today: Dropping kids at grandma's, shopping, visiting sister's new condo and kid ventures again.

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