Sunday, March 7, 2010

Casual at the Oscars...

Went to my friend's Oscar Party tonight but it was inisted we dress in sweats so dressed very casual. Never had time to take a photo.

Oufit: Teal colored cotton boot leg pants, thermal cream top with teal and orange mini flowers, cream colored wool chunky cardigan with teal, pink and yellow flowers, ugg boots.
The cardigan I swear was mine when I was like 10-12 years old. Not sure how it somehow still fits. The teal in the flowers on both the thermal top and the cardigan match really nicely to the pants.

Activities: Horribly rainy day today and the indoor play area (kid Ventures) was closed to private parties. Hung out at the food court of the outdoor UTC mall trying to entertain kids with watching hockey and riding quarter slot cars. In the afternoon took them to a store but rained so hard we just came back home.
Went to my friend's party early by 5 PM!

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