Wednesday, April 28, 2010

City Sights

This is another one of those inspired combos. Inspiration photo below. I wore this top last month with boyfriend jeans. It felt more crop then but with these pants it was perfect. I even did the half tuck to expose the belt. Wore the flat sandals during the day and the heels at night. Didn't really need to chance shoes but I just love this with the heels so wore them just because. This necklace is a cheap one but like its look.
Have to do a short post today cause it is super late already...

Boxy red and white striped top - F21
Cargo Pants - Gap
Leather cognac colored belt - Limited
Heels - Michael Kors
Flats - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - Forever 21
White watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Met family members to walk to the convention center and playground. In the afternoon finally did the horse carriage ride. My son has been seeing them line up a block from where we are staying. Had to leave the stroller at home so it was a tiring afternoon, but they loved it. My son kept thinking the cars were going to hit the horses. He kept yelling 'watch out horsies'. Another funny thing today, a little cat (there are lots of cats and dogs on the streets here) jumped in the stroller under seat basket area. We were able to get the kittie out. My son than got down to the cat's level and told him in Turkish that was not his stroller and he should go get in his own stroller. Then he knelt down even further and asked 'did you understand me' again in Turkish. It was hilarious.


  1. are so cute!
    I love this outfit with the heels...I never seem to figure out how to wear heels with more casual outfits...

  2. Oh that is funny about your son!!! CUTE!!! I'll have to read this to my husband when he gets home! Oh, and I love this look on you!

  3. Loving the stripes. You pulled the look together perfectly!


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