Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grey and Blue

I feel like there was an inspiration for this combo but can’t remember when and where. I got this tee couple years ago from here (Turkey) . Can you tell I like graphic girl designs on tee’s. Love that this was is grey and black with a touch of red. The coral colored belt looks red when worn this tee. Wearing this combo with light blue pants is my ‘unexpected’ factor. I think it looks cool. The pants are old so they are a bit high rise which is cool cause that is making a comeback. The only problem is they are no belt loops so the belt moved a lot during the day and I had to keep adjusting. But the nice part of that was I didn’t have to unbuckle and buckle when going to the bathroom. Just pushed it up on my waist.

Again got my hair done professionally but don’t like this style as much. They only use a round brush and blow dryer here. No curling or flat irons. So, when you want a wavey look, you get these old fashioned curls. I think it will look better tomorrow, but next time I am asking for a flat look. Or I might take my flat iron with me. It is still less hassle than blow drying myself. This time I left at 9:30 AM while my family was still at home with the kids and was back before everyone sat down to breakfast.

 Grey Tee - from Turkey
Blue Pants - Ann Taylor
Coral woven stretch belt - Anthropologie
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Chunky silver chain necklace - Off Fifth

Today’s Activities:

Had our first playdate in this country. My mom’s friend’s daughter (who is my age) lives 2 apartments down. She has a 6 year old son and a 3.5 year old daughter. The Daughter was at day care but the son was at home due to spring break. It was nice to be inside a house that was kid friendly with LOTS and LOTS of toys. My kids were on their best behavior since we arrived. Trevor did not even want to leave.

Unfortunately her son is not used to playdates as we are so he struggled a bit sharing his toys but we managed. We are going to try to see if her daughter will make a better playdate companion next time.

In the afternoon wen to our final Dr’s appt to confirm my daughter’s ear infection and allergic reactions are gone. Then visited my Grandpa with the kids for a few hours. To make it less tiring on him had a nanny take the kids downstairs for a little while to play outside. Had dinner there and came back before bedtime. Want to continue the ‘sleeping through the night’ trend for at least a week before trying anything new.

I remember now how living in the city completely wears out your shoes 10 times as fast living in San Diego. I witnessed this when I lived in NYC after college and had forgotten. These black sandals which happen to be the most worn shoes since we came are already starting to look old and they were brand new!

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