Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing with Pink

So realizing I have 1.5-2 months in the city and only 15 outfits combos that can be worn in the city on my list I have to get creative. This was a combo that was suppose to go with jean shorts. Wore it with jeans and added a scarf I bought midday. It looked cute without the scarf as well but when the weather gets hot and I take off the jacket I lost that "touch of pink with black and white" look I was going for. So, when I saw this scarf as I was walking back from the hair dresser for 3.5 TL which is $2.40 I couldn't resist.
This combo again shows how much I have changed the way I mix and match clothes. Before, I wore this jacket with a hot pink tee or tank underneath and hot pink shoes. Either with jeans or white capris. Now I liked the way black and white designed tee looks under the pink.

And here is how it looked without the jacket:

Went with the necklace over scarf look again:

Pink and White Striped Jacket - BCBGMax Azira - Century 21 in NYC
White tee with black girl design - Forever 21
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Pink Scarf - from Turkey - $2.50
Necklace - F21

Today's Activities: Finally a good night where both kids slept and the nanny woke up with them so I could sleep in which was a dream. My mom took my son to the summer town to visit the house there and her cousin, so I took my daughter shopping for couple of hours. It was a lot of fun. I love the stores here. Just looking at the windows is so much fun. Everythign is layered. I saw this great look where you wear a 'liner skirt' with ruffles or lace trim under mini skirts or dresses. Love the look. Unfortunately these 'liner skirts' were at an outragous $50-$60 range! I am determined to find cheaper versions though. I think they would be the ultimate solution for those skirts and dresses that are too short to wear with the kids.
Anyway, I did purchase some cool stuff shown below. In ther afternoon took my daughter to the Dr's again trying to fight her allergic reaction. Afterwards went to a mall called 'Kipa', grocery shopped than joined my son and mom and my uncle's restaurant in the mall for dinner. Visited Grandpa for a little while before taking the kids back home for bed time. Long day...

Here are today's purchases:

This is a great summer maxi dress. I love the all white with small eyelet details. The back of the bust area is elastic for great fit. I am envisionning this with jean sandals and a denim vest. Also with a cool necklace and rose thongs etc... Cost $24.
Loved this denim dress the minute I saw it. I love its style and the dark rinse color. Denim is so in and I have been looking for a cool denim dress and a shirt. Finally found the dress. My vision for this is red scarf with tan or black sandals. For fall it would great with tights and long boots and a jacket.  This cost $21.
Went inside this crazy tiny store covered from wall to wall with hair accessories. That is all they sold. Half of the wall was for kids! So many cute things to choose from but since my daughter's hair is only long enough for a single barrette only looked at those.  I have been searching for a white one forever. This one looks a bit big but on her it looked cool. I also wanted a red one and only could find this plastic style. It is not my favorite but cute enough. 'Hello Kity' is really big in Turkey so thought that would be cute. And the three flannel plaid ones were darling for fall/winter I thought. These ranged from 50 cents to a $1.50 each.

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  1. I love that black and white shirt under the striped blazer...great way to mix prints!!


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