Saturday, May 1, 2010

White Spring

This is one of the dresses I bought the other week here. It is so comfy. The skirt has its own lining so it is not see through. I added a white scarf and my new favorite necklace on top of the scarf. The necklace is also a purchase from here. I like the touch of green brown with all white. I was going to wear denim sandals but liked the neutral effect of these tan colors instead. Since it was chilly in the morning I added my utility shirt and tied at the waist.

White Maxi Uress - from Turkey
White Scarf - Boutique in San Diego
Green Stone Necklace - from Turkey
Tan Sandals - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Utility Shirt - Gap

Today's Activities: Today was some kind of worker's holiday today and since the house we are staying at is very central all the propaganda was supposed to happen where we are. So, decided to leave the neighborhood early in the morning and escape to Grandpa's house. When we left at 10 AM the street was filled with hundreds of policemen. Spent the morning at Grandpa's area, took the kids to the boardwalk by the bay. They get a kick out of watching street kitties come and go. Since we lugged to CD players and two lullaby CDs both kids took good naps there. In the afternoon we strolled his neighborhood shops. My kids get so much attention because of their super blonde hair. They definitely look totally foreign but then my son speaks perfect Turkish so people love it. Later that day after dinner I took the kids home and then came back to Grandpa's house to hang with family and my older cousin visiting from Istanbul.


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