Sunday, April 25, 2010

Punch of Neon

Not much on the agenda today so braving a mini skirt outfit. Found this t-shirt at TJ Max when I was looking for something else. Liked the neon colors which is so 80's and totally in right now.
The skirt has a self tie belt which I kept on for day time. And I had my flat black sandals on during the day as well. For night time added the high heeled booties, pink belt and gold necklace and the blazer jacket. The skirt was a bit too mini though. Every time I sat down it was revealing too much. Might not wear it again at least not in the city. Should be fine for summer town with bathing suit underneath or something like that.

Black Boyfriend Blazer Jacket - Newport News Catalog - $49
Neon animal print tee - TJ Maxx - $6
Black rayon full skirt - TJ Maxx - $12
Pink Belt - F21 - $7
Gold necklace - F21
Black Booties - Juicy Couture - Zappos - $200

Today's Activities: Had a better night last night. Daughter slept until 7 AM, Son woke up and claimed he was not tired and did not want to sleep but too exhausted to even hear him and he eventually did sleep. Was able to get him back to bed early morning so he slept until 9:30 AM! Took the kids to boardwalk grass area to run around after breakfast. Then did a stroll at the local weekly farmer's market which has much more than food. Some purchases from there is below. After solid naps went to my Grandpa's house where the kids went out for ice cream and then dinner there.

Here we are with my aunt during the day walking towards the farmer's market. This is the street my Aunt and Uncle's apartment is on which is where we are staying. It is closed to traffic and has ton of shops and restaurants and behind us heads directly to the bayside boardwalk (Kordon) within 1 block.

Bought these two geniune semi precious stone necklaces for 25 TL each so around $20 each. I also bought two tee's but forgot to photo them. May be tomorrow. I am also looking for cool items I can do a 'give away' to my follwers very soon. :)


  1. You made my day posting a picture of your aunt and the Alsancak streets, you should post a picture of the farmers market too?? The necklaces are very pretty. Your animal print is my fav today and so is the color of your nail polish, love it.. Give my best to Sive pls. By the way I would love to see some of her jewellery collection too..


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