Friday, April 30, 2010

Pixie Dust

So, I wrote this combo on my list as pink skirt, navy vest and misc tee. So, in search of misc tee decided to go with this Tinker Bell t-shirt I bought last Sunday from the farmer’s market. I bought it to wear during one of my disney trips. Loved the bow in the back and the ruffle sleeves. It is original disney. Bought it for 5 TL which is $3.50. It is cute with th pink skirt. And I like how the ruffles peek out of the denim vest. The betsey charm necklace adds to the whimsicalness of the whole outfit.

Denim Vest – Forever 21
Tinker Bell T-shirt – Disney
Pink Skirt – Victoria’s Secret Catalog
Denim Sandals – Steve Madden
Charm Necklace – Betsey Johnson

Today’s Activities:
Left my daughter with the housekeeper and took my son to a Turkish Children’s play. It was more geared towards older children but my son loved it. It was the perfect combination of ‘talking’ and ‘singing and music’. My son is crazy about music so he loved it. And it was an educational play too. He sat through the whole thing and we walked all the way there and back without a stroller. In the afternoon took them out for ice cream then a trip to the toy store. Than killed an hour playing on the grass by the bay. Left them home with the nanny at night so I can visit and spend time with my Grandpa.

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  1. I loved how the bow and the skirt matches. Lovely..


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