Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pastel Pink

Another one of those inspired combo's this afternoon. This was a tiny photo in a big 'index' page of a style magazine:

The minute I saw it again I thought to myself I have a silk pink shirt and black shorts. Also great reason to wear my favorite Kate Spade sandals.

I love these sandals. They were bought during the 'sex and the city' era where owning designer cute shoes was something I had to follow.
I could have gone black jewelry but decided to go all pink which I think looked very elegant. The necklace is a gift my mom. She got the stones from Turkey I think and made the necklace herself. Knowing I like big stones but simple style she didn't add anything and I love it. Gave it to me during my baby shower for my daughter. Mom always beleives in getting something for the mom on baby showers. The ring is also a gift from her given a year later on my xmas or b-day can't remember to go with this necklace. The earings are my own purchase.

Pink silk blouse - Ann Taylor
Black Belt - Ralph Lauren
Black Shorts - Express
Pink/grey shiny sandals - Kate Spade - Off Fifth (saks outlet)
Necklace, ring - gift from Mom
Earings - Juicy Couture - Nordstrom's
So, I need to admit I wore this outfit in the afternoon only. Knowing I was going to wear this I wore nothing special in the morning. But, thought I should show it anyway:
Couple notes of this casual outfit. I have now discovered my old babydoll style tops I acquired during pregnancy and breastfeeding days look great when tucked in and blousened over. Second, the jacket on the left is a pricey item from Disneyland. Since most of your kids are too young, you probably have not done many trips to disney yet, so let me give you a heads up. There is a whole dress code in Disneyland. Everyone dresses in their best disney character clothes. Given that we live 1.5 hours from Disneyland and most likely will be going at least twice a year, I decided to buy this 'mickey' jacket during my second visit along with a princess hat. Of course I was pregnant at the time so bought a little large size but it is still OK. And my son's reaction when I wear it is priceless.
Today's Activities: Family visit to the zoo followed by lunch there. After another day of successfull naps at home went to my little sister's housewarming party. Came home to host couple relative/friends for dinner (my secret: I always cook dinner while the kids are napping and am a big fan of crockpot dinners. This way I can stay as late as dinner time in the afternoons knowing dinner is waiting at home).


  1. Those shoes are amazing!! oh my goodness I want!

  2. Mom's gifts are beautiful.. I always like her style.

  3. Love this look! I can't believe that not long ago I thought it looked weird to wear long sleeves with shorts...but I think it's all about balance, and because your blouse is lightweight it works great!

  4. Good to look. all the outfits are superb. I thing your color shoe also good fit for me. I will buy this shortly.


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