Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Business Savy

So, today's event was not planned when I was packing for this trip. My Grandpa wanted all of us to attend the share holder meeting of the company he is in the board of directors'. This was as professional as I could get with what I packed. I was so glad I at least packed this blazer jacket. My grandpa strictly advised no open toed shoes since both my mom and I have blue nail polish. These and my converses were the only closed toe shoes I brought. But with the jacket I think it looks OK. I decided to go with no belt. The chunky chain necklace is not super professional but it brings out the zipper detail of the shoes I thought. This place was georgous. We could have done an amazing photo shoot but it would have been highly inappropriate with all the share holders around. This was a renovated historic natural gas terminal station. It had multiple stone buildings with a huge brick tower and black wrought iron spiral stair case. And they added multiple beautiful fountains all around. I had to drag my youngest cousin to the back building wall to quicly take these photos between the meeting and the cocktail party.
I picked the photo above as my center photo although it does not show the outfit best I love how the wind naturally blew my skirt to show even the lining of the dress has lace trim.

Blue flowery dress - Anthropologie - $80 on sale
Black boyfriend blazer jacket - Newport News Catalog - $49
Black leather shoes with zipper detail - Madden Girl (by Steve Madden) - TJ Maxx - $50
Multi chain chunky necklace - Forever 21 - $17

Today's Activities: Took the kids for a stroll in the morning. What I love about this part of the town is that it has 4 or so streets that are closed to traffic all together. Since the sidewalks of the city are horrible with a stroller I prefer these streets where there is no up and down and a pretty smooth ride. Plus I can let my son out of the stroller to run/walk safely. So we took one of these streets and followed all the way to the end which was the water front. It was pretty quiet and cool in the morning which was perfect. Couldn't help walking into a couple bargain shops on the way. Bought this brown belt with a braided faux fur detail. I thought it would be very unique for winter. Also bought a cargo style shirt dress but made out of soft cotton material. I have been looking for something similar but always shyed away from them due to need for ironning. Love the material of this one. Horrible nap today. Neither kid napped. Therefore all the plans to get ready for the meeting in the afternoon died. Imagine not only two kids underfoot but two fussy kids that did not nap underfoot. It was not peaceful until we sent them out with the housekeeper to get them out. So went to the historical terminal station for the share holder meeting followed by the cocktail party. After 11 years of working in management in U.S. it was very interesting to see how a meeting is run in Turkey. The presentation was done very professionally but after the presentation that was some very heated arguments between stock holders and board of director's...The cocktail party was very nice. Came home early to get the kids to bed.

Here is my Grandpa with 3 of 4 of his grandkids. Just my sister is missing. The girl is my oldes cousin, 8 years my junior. The boy is my youngest cousin 14 years my junior.

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  1. This outfit is my absolute favorite of yours. Love the mix of formal and flirty. Oh, and right now I am hoping my son continues to nap. It isn't time to get up! But, ah! I think he is!


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